So I started a blog about cookies….

I was inspired to start a blog because I have challenged myself to make a different kind of cookie each week.  I’ve been making chocolate chip cookies ever since I can remember and people are always amazed when they taste so good, but I literally use the recipe on the bag of Nestle semi-sweet chocolate chips.  It’s not that hard, people.  I just follow the instructions and pay attention to detail.  Chocolate chip cookies will always be my fave but I want to try new things…be adventurous with my baking.

I’ve always loved myself a good cookie and I’ve been making them for so long I don’t even consider it a hobby, I consider baking cookies to be part of who I am.  They are what I bring to the table…literally and figuratively.  If I’m going to a gathering, I will be there will cookies.  And in life, I feel like baking cookies is my way of spreading happiness.  Homemade cookies make my day and I hope that when I make them for other people, they feel the same joy that I do.

When I first had this idea, I thought to myself “McKen, why do you have to start a blog?  You can just do it.”  But documenting this challenge will keep me accountable and maybe me being adventurous with my cookie baking will encourage others to do the same.  I also wanted to write about cookies because I am trying to gain more confidence in my writing.  Ever since declaring a minor in Language and Literacy, I’ve been forced to share a lot of my writing.  Writing is something I’ve always been self-conscious about, but I’m slowly getting more and more confident.  I’m also currently working on a semester long multigenre writing project about chocolate chip cookies and I thought it would be cool to work on these two project simultaneously…or I could just get burnt out from so much cookie talk and never bake again…jk that would never happen.  Do you even know who I am?

All that being said, I hope me sharing my cookie baking adventures can bring some joy to your life and encourages the dominance of your sweet tooth!  If you have any cookie recipe suggestions or know of any places to eat good cookies, holla at yo girl.  I have one for you right now…Rutabagorz peanut butter chocolate chip cookie.  If you’re not in the Orange County area I will mail you one!

Thanks for reading this rant and I hope you have a sweet day.




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