I am not usually a confident person but one thing I am confident about is my ability to bake and enjoy cookies.  I think I’ve made a batch of chocolate chip cookies once a week since I was 11 years old.  It was something  my sister and I would do religiously when we were growing up.  This hobby is great because cookies are great and sharing cookies with people is something I love a lot.  This blog is to document a challenge I posed to myself, which is to make a new kind of cookie each week.  I have been making cookies every Sunday night for a committee meeting I hold on Mondays (kind of to bribe people to go but also because cookies are good and they make me happy).

When I’m not baking cookies or sitting in a meeting, I am a student.  I am studying education, language and literacy, and disability studies.  I plan on teaching elementary school after graduation.  After I teach little kiddos for a while, I would love to go back to school and become a Speech Language Pathologist, or learn about educational policy.  The possibilities I see for myself are endless!  I just know that I am passionate about education and helping students enjoy their education experience as much as I’ve enjoyed mine.

This blog is also kind of a challenge to take more pride in my voice and what I have to say.  I am lucky to say that many of my professors this semester make me feel like my voice is important, something I haven’t felt before.  I’m not one to speak up in class but I feel very challenged and inspired to speak more and more confidently in class.  I hope this blog acts as a voice for myself online and encourages me to let my voice be heard in class and in life.

I also hope this blog helps me to gain confidence in my writing and encourages others to bake cookies for themselves and for other people.  May you always enjoy the cookie as much as you enjoy the dough, and remember that calories don’t count after 9 pm!



how I feel on the inside when I am eating a cookie
how I feel on the inside when I am eating a cookie

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